All About Film UK, a team of 4 actors in Police Uniform was hired to arrest Rapper Digga D on the Royal Albert Hall performance in front of an audience of 5000.

We also provided Replica Weapons for films (couldn't be use), Armed Police Uniforms and Prision Guard Uniforms.

This is a wrap!! Last day of Filming. For this movie All About Film Uk provided: Extras in Police Uniforms, Extras in Security Uniforms. Actors in Armed Police Uniforms, Replica Weapons for films. Action Director/ Stunt Coordinator.

All About Film Uk Provided Stunt Actors/ Extras in Police Uniform, Police Car hire and Action Vehicles for this 3 different films above. Enjoy the Behind the Scenes Videos!!

Rent a Police Car Isle of Wight / We provided Police Cars in a film in Isle of Wight and Actors/ Extras in Police Uniforms. We also Provided Prison Officers Uniforms for a film in Shrewsbury Prison, also Supporting Artists in Police Uniforms, Police Action Vehicles for film, Ambulance with Actors in Paramedic Uniforms. We also rented Prop Guns for films . All About Film is making History in the Film Industry!!

Rent a Police Car Slough, we provided Police Cars for films, Ambulance for filming, Extras in Uniforms and Prop Guns for films. In the second Video we provided police car hire Cambridge, Police Bike hire Cambridge, Police Uniforms, and Extras in Police Uniforms. The third film in Braintree Location, we provided Police car rental, Extras in Police Uniform, Action Vehicles, Sport Vehicles, High End Vehicles, guns for films. All About film made it possible one more time.