About us

 Lee Nicholas Harris


Over 20 years experience in the Entertainment Industry


Lee first started as an actor in 2002. He is well known for his role in the Human Centipede II.

In 2010 he starting sourcing cars, weapons and uniforms and since then has been growing and now he is one of the biggest supplier in the industry.

His nickname is "The Sourceror" and he works hard to honor his nickname.

In 2020 he started to supply extras, extras in uniforms, actors, stunts and spacs for movies.

Having now the biggest agency with people in their own uniform in the UK.

He also have worked in many films as a stunt coordinator / fight choreographer.

Also he is a registered armorer replica weapons for TV & Film.



 Andreina Sambucetti


  9 years experience in the Entertainment Industry


Andreina graduated as an Architect from the "Universidad de la Republica" in Montevideo, Uruguay.  She also studied in the "National School of Arts- IENBA", where she graduated with a Master Degree in Visual Arts - Photography & Video.

Later she took a three years acting course in School "La Gaviota", Stella D' Italia Theater.

In 2007 she moved to Edmonton, Canada where she studied Acting for the camera in "The Citadel Theatre" .

In 2009 she moved to London UK and in 2013  joined the local Theater company where she participate in several shows.

In 2014 she started working in the film industry alongside Lee supplying uniforms, weapons, cars and people for movies.

She is also an armorer and a costumier.